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Thread: Prepare to Become Jealous

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    I Too Enjoy the Modding Process

    So far I have an intake kit from SCP as well as mid length Kooks and a mandrel bent 2.5" dual exhaust. This made my hwy mileage jump to 34 mpg on one trip and my city fall to 15+ mpg. The smog guy said the car needs to be warmed up for smoging as the cats are far enough back that they weren't lighting off. He got it to pass though.

    Next comes a radiator and LOTS of suspension work. Just about every ball joint in the front end has a torn boot and the bushings aren't too hot either. Hello urethane. I doubt this car will ever handle like my '85 BMW 535i, though it is much faster on the straight.

    Too bad no one makes a larger hollow sway bar. That would be the ticket, although the stock setup doesn't have too much body roll in the first place. Of course it's hard to tell what's what with the suspension not right at the moment.

    Another problem area is the brakes are tiny. My BMW has larger brakes and the car weighs 300 lbs less. Wheels and tires would be nice but the car has new tires and I worry about the added unsprung weight of a larger wheel tire combination. The car is heavy enough as it is.

    Finally, I need to figure out how to take the seats apart. The locking mechanism that holds them back is broken and the head rests are also loose.

    All in all, though, I like the car. It is a great road trip car with better highway mileage than any other car I own.

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    Swap the 13" Cobra brakes onto the front.

    This thread makes me want to put mine back on the road. I do miss that blower whine and the Autorotor kit is still sitting there waiting for it's fate to be decided.

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