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Thread: the dead pedal?

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    platinumsc7 Guest

    the dead pedal?

    I need to take the dead pedal on my SC out so that I can put new speaker kick panels in my car. I've got one bolt out, but I'm not sure where the others are. Is it a pain in the butt, and is anything else attached to that bracket? Thanks, Brian.

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    tbird88 Guest

    Re: the dead pedal?

    Did you get the one that faces the rear? It's a nut mounted on a stud. You might hafta pull your lower trim panel (knee panel) under the steering column and then reach through the lower-left dash with an extension to get the nut.


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    SCme94 Guest

    Re: the dead pedal?

    There is one nut behind the lower dash panel facing the rear of the car. You will also have 2 bolts on the bracket itself. One of them is right in the lower corner of the pedal and the other is at the top of the pedal near the firewall. That one is a ~~~~...You will also have to remove the wiring block to get the bracket for it out of there. Just loosen up the bolt on the block to seperate the 2 halves and then slide it off the pedal assy.

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