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Thread: my door wont close!!!

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    mRbojangles Guest

    my door wont close!!!

    help~ i've been having a problem lately with my door not closing, the only way i can make it close is from the outside lifting up and swinging really hard. any quick fixes for this problem, or do i just have to bring it to a body shop and have it re-aligned.

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    jasonLmarsh Guest

    Re: my door wont close!!!

    #1 sounds like you need to replace the door hinges.

    #2 sounds like you also need to replace the door striker bolt.

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    94TbirdSC Guest


    yup it sounds as thou you need new hinges if u have to lift it up. you could also try using a large torx bit(*) in a rachet to loosent he door striker bolt push it back and re aligne it. then tighten it.


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    white90sc Guest

    Re: door

    if you can lift up on the end of the door and you feel slop, or if the door shuts better if you lift and close, try door pins or hinge attention, its hard to say without seeing but it is typical on a 2-door.

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