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Thread: where to order T-T intake--thanks

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    wantan17 Guest

    where to order T-T intake--thanks

    where to order T-T intake

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    uniqueredsc Guest

    Re: where to order T-T intake--thanks

    Right over the SCCWC.Just post what u need and he'll reply to u.He's name is Dookie.Later.

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    white91sc Guest

    I believe he goes by:

    BlackanSC or Blackannsc don't remember how he spells it, maybe he'll catch this thread and e-mail you. If you do e-mail me too:

    Adam Mullen
    The SC Kid

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    Scott Long Guest


    What is this T-T intake you are all talking about? Any pictures of it? Is it similar in design to the ZR? I will not put a MAC on my car. I would like to get a pair of ZR's for my SC's though. Maybe this is another option for me?

    Too many cars for a 19 year old!

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