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Thread: Buy from djkerridge!!

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    Gregthespy Guest

    Buy from djkerridge!!

    I'm posting this to let other fellow SCers in search of parts know that if you buy from djkerridge you will recieve great products and have good coorispndence with the seller. He is a straight forward seller who does'nt try to rip you off. He has fair shipping costs and keeps you updated on the status of your purchase. When the fog lights i requested were not in the best of condition he notified me and offered me the option to have my money returned or wait till he found a better pair of fog lights, in the end he took the fogs off his own daily driver and sent them to me. I definately recommend spending the time to see if he has the part you may need. Thanks, Greg Roll

    1990 5 Speed SC
    titanium with blue leather
    Tavernier, Florida

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    austinxtreme512 Guest


    im in the prosses of buying an SC tranny!! Good guy, i recomend as well!!

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    John Shelton Guest

    Re: ...


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    pepito6SC Guest

    Re: Buy from djkerridge!!

    Definitely a good guy. I bought a couple of things from him with no problems and speedy delivery. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!

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    89BlownBrd Guest

    I agree

    I'm in the process of buying an engine and everything is going great on his part.

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    tbirdsc35th Guest

    Re: I agree

    I emailed him about a part and he bounced back to me immediately and very courteously. I have to agree also.

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    Micahdogg Guest

    Re: I agree

    I've purchased from him on several occasions. Very reasonable pricing and a hell of a guy.


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    tbirdboy Guest

    Re: I agree

    Does he have a site or email address?

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    Kevin Varnes Guest

    Re: I agree

    He usually has several posts on the buy/sell board. I will concur with everyone else in this thread. I have dealt with him a few times and have never been disappointed. He is always upfront about what he is selling, has good prices, and is a hell of a nice guy in the process.

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    Scott Long Guest


    He is a great guy. I bought a trunk lid from him. He lives about 45 minutes away so I drove to pick it up and we sat around at his house talking about SC's, and his sweet Mach 1 Mustang in his garage. Then we took rides in each others cars to compare. If I ever need anything SC related, he is the guy I will call.

    Also my friend got a rear bumper for his 35th anniversary from DJ, great guy to deal with. If you need a part, give him a try.

    2 SC's and an Audi

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