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Thread: rainbow bridge stop ......

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    sc steve Guest

    rainbow bridge stop ......

    Hey, I seen a real nice SC yesterday as I was going over the rainbow Bridge in Naigara Falls. Unfortunatly the guy was stoped and looked like he was about to be searched ... I yelled out the window of my g/f's car "NICE CAR", hope I didn't make things worse for ya man ... take care
    -SC Steve

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    sabre81 Guest

    Re: rainbow bridge stop ......

    where do you live steve? im in niagara falls

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    sc steve Guest

    Hey ....

    Whats up man?
    I live 15min. south of Buffalo, are you on the Canadian or American side? I work maybe 5-10 mins. from the falls in Amhurst ... any meets/events coming up???
    -SC Steve
    '89 Thunderbird Sc (rising from the ashes)

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    sabre81 Guest

    Re: Hey ....

    im on american side. i live in niagara falls and work in amherst.

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    sc steve Guest

    nice ....

    Small world man, maybe I'll see 'ya around ... go cruisin'

    -SC Steve 89' Thunderbird SC

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