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Thread: Eye-Spy NE Cars at the shootout..

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    Eye-Spy NE Cars at the shootout..

    Looks like you made it Ricardo

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    Quote Originally Posted by fastsc92 View Post
    Looks like you made it Ricardo

    Ricardos car is gorgeous, i should know I was parked to the left of it all day Saturday. he is a super guy to talk to as well as the young lady he brought with him, (Can't say her name, I don't know how )

    He sure had a lot of fun as well.

    Ricardo, take care and we look forward to seeing you again,

    Smitty and crew!
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    I did make it in at 3:30pm. I had tons of fun. I am going to make my own post with a Journal of my happenings.

    Congrats on the awards Smitty.
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    Your car is gorgeous! I'm afraid of what you have in mind for next year.


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