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Thread: Brakes.....oh what a feelin!

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    Brakes.....oh what a feelin!

    Well, just thought I'd inform those who want to read something. I finally got my brake issue resolved. All it took was a new accumulator, a new (used) ABS unit, and several painstaking hours.

    I began yesterday afternoon, and got the old unit pulled. I tried for a while to get the new unit in, but gave up after I realized I was swearing far too loud for a residential area. I got back at it this morning, dumped it in without too many problems. Hooked it up and bled the lines. NO MORE "ANITILOCK" and "BRAKE!"!

    BTW, one of my bleeder screws was siezed on and rounded off, so I bled it from where the actual line goes into the caliper. Is that OK? It still feels like some air may still be in the system. Let me know if that method of bleeding works alright.

    thanx for reading


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    I think you should work on replacing that bleeder screw, but otherwise it's great that you've eliminated the problem!


    Are you going to make it out to the meet at Hutches' in Hamilton tomorrow night??? It would be great to see you with the car back in action!!!



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    Congrats Mike! I feel your pain. I went through the same thing less than a year ago.

    As for the bleeding....if you had too much air in the system, your warning lights would still be on. But for piece of mind, I would change it (bleeder screw) as soon as you can and bleed it properly.


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