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Thread: "Supercharged" cougar XR7 fender badges in black

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    "Supercharged" cougar XR7 fender badges in black

    Looking for a good pair of these fender badges that say "Supercharged" for the XR7 cougars. Let me knwo if you have some...thanks!
    Current: 1993 SC 5.0L Auto Red, 1994 SC 5-speed Teal, 1995 SC 5-speed Chameleon Blue
    Old: 89 SC auto Twilight Blue, 89 SC stick Titanium, 90 35th stick, 92 Sport 5.0L stick, 94 SC stick Black, 1994 SC Auto Teal
    Also: 1992 Feature Mustang Convertible 5-speed Vibrant Red, 1991 BMW 850i 6-speed Red, 1994 BMW 850CSi 6-speed Red for your mid-atlantic mn12 needs!

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    I have a set from my XR-7 parts car......

    Give me an e-mail address (so I can send you some pictures) and a zip code.....

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    you have a PM!


    Jeff B.

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