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Thread: Looking for a white 89-93 auto

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    Arrow Looking for a white 89-93 auto

    Hey guys looking for a nice clean white auto with no major issues. Sunroof and keyless a must. I'm not looking for no 5,6k$ car but you know just a good clean car. Interior more important than exterior. I'm in SC and would like to stay somewhat close. I also have an ad in the trades.

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    How 'bout a 90 XR7?

    I have a 90 XR7 that's white with a blue leather interior for $1500.00 FIRM that can be driven back to wherever you want. Has a few issues, driver door glass shattered, (don't ask me why, just happened when my wife shut the door) passenger window needs regulator "dogs", oil presure guage inop, (has 28 psi at hot idle) no rust-Alabama car, radio inop due to trunk components gone when I got it. Everything else is very good condition. Supercharger boosts to 12 psi and engine/trans perfect. Front seats need recovered, back is fair. My number is 573-243-2248 and it has a clear title. Email me at for pics.
    later, Andrew

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