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Thread: 89 Supercoupe taillights

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    RagingThunder00 Guest

    89 Supercoupe taillights

    I just bought an 89 thunderbird SC, and the lights on the rear with the bird emblems( the long ones, not the corner ones) do not light up..Arent they supposed to?...I had a base model 92 thunderbird before i bought this one, and had a problem with them too, but someone had hooked them up for me..Can someone let me know if they in fact do, or should light up, and if so how I can fix them?....thanks

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    Jason Colone Guest

    The 89 SC taillights do NOT light up, they are only reflective. I think they started making them lighted in 92.

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    RagingThunder00 Guest

    Well that sucks...they look much much better lit up...Is there any way i can modify this to make them light up?

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    Crowdid Elevator Guest


    Yeah, you have to buy a 92+ trunk lid with the LEDS. I guess it's pretty easy to find. But it will fit perfectly.

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    Rear lights

    Another thing you may want to chang eif you decide to swap the trunk is the turn signals. The 92+ taillights have a bulge out ward while the older ones are either flat or seem to go inward. Not really neccessary but they will look funny missmatched

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    The lights you're referring to are reflectors. I have a 90, and I wanted them to light up in the worst way, but after considering changing all the lights to the 92+ and the trunk lid, paint, and then reinstalling my trunkwing, I decided that they actually look pretty good when a car's headlights hit them from behind.....they light right up! It was just too expansive a change to get some lights lit up, I could put that money into "important things"! I did however apply one small line of neon wire in the groove of the taillights....looks cool. I'm not a big fan of the ricey neon wire, but one small application of it in the right place looks good!

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