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Thread: Give me some reasons to buy a T-bird SC!

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    Distinguished Dat2k1 Guest

    Re: To buy or not to buy...

    Sorry, didn't realize you were overseas where BMW's aren't really considered imports, and probably a lot cheaper than here

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    SCgraphics guy Guest

    Re: To buy or not to buy...

    Obviously , theres no CMRE S2 powered SCs in Europe. Mine would surely hand a M5 its ~~~!

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    supercoupe1990 Guest

    Re: To buy or not to buy...

    Just look at that baby! IMO it's a very comfortable, great handling, luxury sports car that's American Iron. I just love the looks of the SC's (regular Birds + Cougars too), I can still just stare at it with admiration. I first bought an 85 Turbo Coupe, prior to that I had never owned a Ford, and swore I never would. I was a Chevy/Dodge guy. On my way to work, every day I'd pass by Rizzo Ford, in North Providence, RI. For a couple of weeks I saw this really sharp looking "wine" red car, all I knew was it was a Ford, and I don't like Fords. Finally, it grew on me enough to stop in and take a closer look. Then the salesman came out, I asked him what the car had in it, he said "a 4 cylander" I said "figures" he said "here's the keys, take it for a ride"....that was it, I was blown away. About 2 hours later, I drove it home! Anyway I had that car for a couple of years, then I went through a bunch of cars, trucks, and Jeeps through the years. Then I ended up working at that same dealership, I need a car, and someone suggested a Super Coupe to me, and I recalled all the fun I had with the Turbo Coupe, so I bought one, and here we are! I absolutely love the car. I don't think I'll ever sell it. It's been very good to me, and in turn, I try to be very good to her, after all....she's my Baby! Buy one, you'll be glad you did, and besides, where else are you gonna find a car club as nice as this one!

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    MN12 KID Guest

    Re: To buy or not to buy...

    If you wanna blow more money into a car, than your girl - this is the car for you!

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    Deep6 Guest

    Face it guys, we aren't good car salesmen....

    Mr. ExM5er decided he would go out and buy a car that he felt was at least "equal" to if not greater than his Bavarian Creme' Puff.

    If I only looked at this subject line a little sooner, I think that I could have swayed the decision. If Mr. ExM5er is still reading this, I'll say this. I bought a 1995 SC over an earlier M5 specifically because I thought it was a great car for the money. Lots of great technology for an American car, plus the surge of torque down low puts a big grin on my face. Here in America our low speeds require cars to be tuned "torque heavy". Most of us don't drive faster than 75mph or 120Kph (for the metrically challenged). But that's not to say that the SC can't cruise at 110mph without breaking a sweat (220kph). So for me it was the best of both worlds. It rides great but, I have noticed that newer cars do have better ride sophistication. But for a car from the mid-90's, it rides wonderfully. Considering that it weighs 4000lbs, it handles much better than you would expect. It was able to post .85g of lateral grip on the skidpad if that means anything to you.

    Well, maserati's are nice, but they are hugely expensive and rarely seen here in the USA. I will say this though, you'll probably spend more money trying to maintain anything that goes wrong with a maserati than you would with a Ford thunderbird. And Maserati's are cars that typically sell for around $80,000 here in the united states. The lowly Ford Thunderbird SC sold for around $25,000. Again, best value for the dollar.

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    supercoupe1990 Guest

    Re: Face it guys, we aren't good car salesmen....

    Asking SCCoA members why they should buy an SC is like asking Derek Jeter who he thinks will win the World Series! Kinda-sorta!

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