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    17" Front Runner Option

    For anyone looking for a spare tire or a set of front runners for the track that has 13" Cobra brakes, here is an option. This certainly isn't new info, but I'm not sure if anyone has really taken any pictures. While I really like Neiberts Bogarts, they didn't quite fit my budget. Although I will say I ended up spending double on these as what I had planned. They aren't real pretty, but they get the job done. They are a direct bolt on, and did not require any spacers. Haven't had a chance yet to see if they fit in the spare tire well. Here is the info and a few pictures:

    Wheels 13.8 lbs
    Tires 11.2 lbs
    Mounted & Balanced 26 lbs

    17x5 Lincoln LS Spares $125
    M&H RaceMaster Tires $282
    AirCraft Paint Remover $10
    Silver Power Coating $60
    Mount & Balance $33
    Total Cost $510

    I could of saved about $100 by going with a radial tire, but the weight of the tire would have more than doubled! I can't believe how light the M&H tires are. The $70 powder coating process wasn't necessary, but I truly hate black wheels, so it needed to be done. Overall I'm pretty happy with how they turned out, even though they aren't real pretty. For comparison, my 18x9 SpeedStars with 245/45/18 tires weigh about 58lbs each. I'm not sure what a factory wheel/tire weighs, but I'm guessing around 40lbs.

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    Wow that looks really nice, you really went the extra mile for the powercoating.

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    Nice Job and they get the job done.
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    FWIW, these are about 4 lbs lighter than Neibert's Bogarts.
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    Nice to see a reasonably priced alternative for cars with 13" brakes.

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    It fits!! Well mostly. It is a real tight fit in the trunk, but it is in there. It is a just a little too tall, but I was able to get it to work.

    On a side note, I weighed the OEM 16" aluminum spare/tire. It weighed in at 30lbs, 4 heavier than the 17" spare with the race tires. I also measured the actual contact patch of the front tires, and it was a mere 4.25"


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    I'm using hoosier front runners. Put together this about 4 years ago. need to go buy 10 lug nuts for the LS or LS based thunderbird. They are a shank type and the stock conical lug nuts are not safe to use on these wheels.


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