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Thread: New MA emmision laws Pre 95 OBD cars?

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    New MA emmision laws Pre 95 OBD cars?

    Anyone up to date with the new emmision laws that took effect October 1st. For older pre95 OBD cars?

    I wander if I can now get rid of my cats and EGR system change to a HUGE camshaft. JK.

    Seriously I think the Dyno tests are done with and not sure if they need a sniff test anymore as long as safty passes. Ive been needing a sticker for a long time, last time I failed.
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    OBD1 cars are no longer checked for emissions. However, the car will fail if black smoke is present in the exhaust.

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    I'm guessing it's the same as NH. No smog test, but they check to see if cats are present. But there are plenty of ways to get around that...

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