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Thread: Just got an 89 xr7 w/5-speed last night

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    89xr7man Guest

    Just got an 89 xr7 w/5-speed last night

    I had one back on 96-98 and kicked myself every day after selling it. Well now it's back. Not a bad deal either. I sold my last one with 136k mi for 5400 and just bought this one with 70kmi for 3700. This one I just got needs some work though. I am putting new u-joint in the rear end this evening and will need to replace the clutch (it was city driven). I'm looking at getting a centerforce II clutch. Hope everything goes smoothly but I know that you guys are there for me if it doesn't. I'll be posting some pics tomorrow.

    Oh ya, it also has some rust under the paint along the base boards on both sides. What would be the best method to get rid of it for good?

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    forcfed93 Guest

    Congrats on the new purchase .......... can't wait to see photos ............

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