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Thread: NEW SCers go here!

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    Micahdogg Guest

    NEW SCers go here!

    Read it all. I don't care if you want to or'll be better off for it.

    If you still have through at least the first page of the Tech and Non-Tech forums. Then post a question if you don't see a related one already.

    If you get no If I can't reply I'll forward it all to Russ. Between the two of us we can give you some answer...although I highly doubt it will be anything relating to what the inquirey was.


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    Ron DiPaola Guest


    Thanks for putting this here, Mike Albee asked me to place the FAQ at the top, I get an "F" for only completing half of the assignment.


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    5thWaveSC Guest

    Hey, have u guys given thought to coming up with
    some solution to "The most frequently asked q's?"
    type of permanently stored data base...???

    Because, for example, the Harmonic Balancer alone
    has come up at least 3x's this past month!!! The
    guys don't look back far enough and are lazy...

    Then, we face the prob that those that know will
    lose interest, and/or are, tired of saying the same
    thing over and over..... Peace, virgil

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    gldiii Guest


    We have always had an "open call" for any member to put together information that is commonly needed. We just do not get many takers.

    All of the articles that this thread references were written or otherwise compiled by members. You are certainly welcome to volunteer to do one or more for us!!!

    Why don't you post this idea in the SCCoA Website or Non-Tech forum and let's see if we can some people started on compiling this stuff?

    I know mannysc tried to post a call to action, but got few replies. Maybe someone (like yourself) could head up a list of topics that we could get things written on and then ask for volunteers and then follow up and make sure it gets done!

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    sc steve Guest

    Hey, I am new here .....

    Nice web site! I finally got my '89 SC. I absolutly love it. It has a few problems here and there but my biggest one is that the rocker panels are rotting out (didn't know it untill last friday)! I am going to attempt to do all the prep work myself and take it to a body shop and have them fabricate a "new" rocker panel, do you guys suggest anything or have any tips on doing this? Also, my engine temp guage won't read anything, what could be the culprit? I was going to go ahead and just change the sensor but I don't have 70.00 to waste if that aint it ..... any suggestions welcome, Thanks alot in advance


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    mn12sc35th Guest

    Re: Hey, I am new here .....

    The temp gauge could also be wiring, or the printed circuit on the guage cluster. The one in my 90 has a broken spot in it. Once I find my stupid service manual, I'll give you the steps to test the wiring. More than likely you'll need just a ohm/volt meter to do it.

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    forcfed93 Guest

    Re: Hey, I am new here .....

    The rocker panels are fairly easy to make and if you have a wire welder they are easy to install. The biggest thing is to get all of the rust cut out and then sand blast it to get it nice and clean. Then you need to coat the clean metal to keep the rust from coming back. 3M has several products that can do this. One I have used is called "Weld Through Coating".

    After the paint work in complete, take it to a undercoat place and have them treat the rockers with a urathane undercoat product.

    The Temp gauge could be anything from a loose or broke wire to a bad sender, to a bad gauge. It should be checked out by someone with electrical experance. That will save you replacing peices on at a time!

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    supercoupe1990 Guest

    Welcome SC Steve

    I see you already have a couple answers for your questions, they both sound like sound advise. Best of luck with your SC, and welcome aboard. I think you'll find an answer to just about anything to do with your SC here, and if someone doesn't have the answer off the top of their heads, they're usually more than willing to reasearch it. There is a VAST amount of info already on the boards also, so most times if ya snoop around for a while, you can usually find the info you need.....not always, but most of the time.
    Best Wishes,
    SC Ya,

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    sc steve Guest

    Thanks .... also...

    Thanks alot guys, I will get around to these things on Friday. I also wanted to ask ya's, how do you reset the VMM? I tried a paper clip and it didn't work. Another thing is that sometimes (started yesterday) the ABS light flickers (have no idea why, the brakes work fine) and what are the odd's that my car used to be a 5sp.? I have 2 parking brakes (wired huh?) that are both stuck .... thanks for the advice and take care.

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    mn12sc35th Guest

    Re: Thanks .... also...

    I couldnt get my VMM to reset either. They said something about a button but I never found one. It was broken anyway and I ended up breaking it more. If your car still has the sticker in the drivers side door jamb, there is a place that indicates which tranny it had originaly. You can also look at the AX code (I dont have the tranny codes in front of me) If it says M under AX it was factory with a manual. If it says something different, it started out as auto more than likely.
    This code shows which rear end ratio you have (stock anyway). Look at in the tech articles for the exact ratio if you're interested. (M is 2.73 trac-lock)

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    FordPowered Guest

    Re: Thanks .... also...

    To reset VMM all you have to do is:
    1. turn key to "on" position, but dont start car.
    2. use a paper clip and push the recessed reset button located just to the left of the oil screen and hold for about 4-5 seconds.
    3. unit will flash some and then underneath oil will be an O.K.
    Its as simple as that. I am new to this board also so I dont feel right by welcoming you. These guys are pretty cool and damn smart about SC's. I love to learn so I love it here.

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    mn12sc35th Guest

    Testing the temp guage

    You may end up having to take it to a shop to test. According to the 91 service manual, if just the temp guage is not working, a special tool is required.

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    Tonyj Guest

    Re: Thanks .... also...

    To reset VMM all you have to do is:
    1. turn key to "on" position, but dont start car.
    2. use a paper clip and push the recessed reset button located just to the left of the oil screen and hold for about 4-5 seconds.
    3. unit will flash some and then underneath oil will be an O.K.
    The above instructions are correct. But i'd like to add that whether you have a VMM with a button or have to use the paper clip. When you turn the key to the on position. The VMM will be blinking. And you need to press whatever you have. Before the blinking stops. And hold it in till the blinking stops. I hope that's doesn't sound to confusing. But if you don't do it in that sequence. And don't press the button until after the blinking stops. You may think there is something wrong with the VMM.

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    VancouverBC Guest

    VMM reset

    Sometimes the paper clip wouldn't work on my car so I started to use a pin (sharper point) instead, which worked. The problem may be that the paper clip is too thick.LOL

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    sc steve Guest

    Thanks for the help guys but....

    I had a run in with a drunk driver, so I am going to be selling the motor and other things to try to compensate for the cash I spent on her =(
    if any of you are interested, give me a holler
    Thanks again for all of your help, hopfully I will have another one soon (if any of you know someone selling a SC, also shoot me a mail)

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