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Thread: 1997 Mercury Cougar V8 For Sale All Or Parts

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    1997 Mercury Cougar V8 For Sale All Or Parts

    I am selling a 1997 Mercury Cougar Sport V8 all or Part. This car was my baby I have owned it for eight years and it was maintaned perfectly. Sadly my poor car had a very rough winter last year. It lived in Las Vegas weather it's entire life until Nov 07' when I took it to central Utah. Someone backed into the rear quarter panel between the fuel door and the taillight(not to bad) and the cams siezed in the heads. I run, actually ran Delo 400 15w 40 in everything I own. One very snowy morning during my 60 mile commute the top end of the motor got starved for oil and died. I credit the problem to the near six inches of snow on the ground rubbing against the oil pan and keeping the very thick oil cold and unable to be pumped to the top of the engine. I was going to fix it but I can't afford to start the kind of project I want to do on this car. The car has 140,000 very highway miles on it. The trans has 60,000 miles. I completely rebuilt the entire front suspension in 2006. The body is perfect except for the previously mentioned dent. The 4.6l engine is out of the car but it is very repairable. the bottom end is still in good useable condition and the cross hatching in the bores is very nice. This car is actually pretty neat after you disect the vin number. It was built after Ford discontinued the T-Bird Cougar in April 1997(Aug 1997). Ford used left over parts and did a final run T-Bird XR7 build consisting of about 4000 cars all together. I am willing to part the car or sell it copmplete the interior is nice for the miles. If anyone has any parts requests or questions e-mail me at or call Guy at 435-669-4768
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