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Thread: TVS Blower

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    Quote Originally Posted by kenewagner View Post
    Going back to the original intent of the thread I looked over the measurements os a 1900 TVS. This would displace, by my understanding, a little more than a M112. I compared measurements of the case only to a M90, a M112 & a 2.3 Whipple. The width of the blower is the same as the M90 & M112 (the whipple is a few MM wider) The case of the TVS is 275MM long compared to 200MM for the M90 and 260MM for the M112. This makes the TVS longer than my M112. The whipple is 300MM long and required a major modifacation to the thermostat housing to fit. Heightwise the TVS is almost identical to the M90 and M112. The whipple is actually a little shorter in height by a small amount. The TVS has an internal bypass valve that sticks out on the side and rear of the case. Regardless how you would rotate that it would be in the way of the fuel rail, requiring a custom set of rails. I cant even find if the blower can be had in top outlet. All pictures of the TVS are for an inverted blower, so adapting it to a SC set up is not really much of a reality. An AR or whipple can be just flipped over and you have a blower with the correct configuration as a M90. The pulley is even on the correct side so no mods to the thermostat housing to run the radiator hose is needed. These are just my observations and nothing is impossible but some blowers require considerably more work than others.

    I can and will mount one soon as I can get ahold of another one tvs can work just needs some imagination to design a way to mount it upside down with a new top that covers bypass and all it can bedone and the by pass actuator can be moved ive moved em on gtp blowers

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    There are several 1900 TVS blowers. The one I was looking at was longer (due in part to the internal bypass) a tad bit shorter and about the same width (dont recall if it was same shorter or a lil wider). I'd be interested to see how it would fit uning an air to air IC. Maybe one day well see
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    Quote Originally Posted by ricardoa1 View Post
    I love the filter. Its pimp. paper element and 10Mircron filtration, 12" long cause size matters.

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    Quote Originally Posted by XR7 Dave View Post
    Dave, I'd just like to thank you for all the work you did to help the SC community .....people talking about you doing different blower setups don't truly appreciate your past work on the AR kits

    just wait until I get back on my feet....I'll buy some parts from you.

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    This post wasn't about Dave's AR kits, the buying and selling of parts. It was just asking the members what they thought of the blower and the results that have been shown..

    That being said, I have bought parts from Dave and he is invaluable to this community. I will also be needing more parts as I not only have my new 95 sc coming, I have my old one to build to!

    Curtis good luck w/ your future projects and for helping me w/ that exhaust info!


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    New source for blowers?

    New Twin-Screw Supercharger from Vortech
    Vortech Engineering has announced the availability of the Lysholm design VL Series
    superchargers featuring the Twin-Screw concept. Through an agreement with
    Lysholm Technologies AB, Stockholm, Sweden, Vortech will distribute automotive
    systems and tuner kits in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Vortech becomes
    the only company to offer both centrifugal and twin-screw, compression-type
    The VL is a unique positive displacement design that provides maximum low-end
    torque as well as high efficiency for maximum top end horsepower…more efficient,
    easier to make boost with 20 PSIG+ levels possible.
    Initial vehicle applications include 2007-2009 Shelby GT500, the GT500KR Mustang and 2003-2004 Mustang Cobra (as a direct
    replacement for the Roots-type supercharger) plus Tuner Kits (without
    calibration/fuel management) in 2.3L and 3.3L
    compressor sizing providing a 40-50%+ increase in power
    Preliminary system features include an increased plenum volume design that allows
    for an unrestricted flow to the intake port plus an oversized dual pass air/water
    charge cooler (50% more area) for a lower discharge temperature. The manifold
    provides for upgrading to the larger 3.3L compressor.
    Integrated bypass valve and fuel rail mount positions are provided. Calibration is
    accomplished through the DiabloSport Predator hand-held programmer which
    controls ignition timing and fuel enrichment.
    These are complete bolt-on system including all necessary belts, pulleys and
    reusable high-flow air filter.
    Available Spring 2009.
    A Vortech 3-year/36,000-mile powertrain limited warranty is available.
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    I happeneed to be on you tube and pulled up tvs 1900 superchargers. They had one installed on a 2.7L tiberon and produced 443whp! That seems like quite a bit from a motor 2/3 the size of our SC's! That was at 17lbs!


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