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Thread: New paint for 94 SC

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    i will be painting 3 of my supercoupes all hi gloss black with metallic flakes and pearl with 2 solid white stripes down the center.

    as of right now they are blue, red, and black.

    I'm going to be yanking the engines out of all 3 as well as the full interior and undercarriage.

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    You are going to be a busy boy. Can't wait to see some pic's


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    Quote Originally Posted by ricardoa1 View Post
    You will kill the value of the car. I opal frost is a super cool color. Dont change it
    its a car that was already wrecked up a bit thus the new pannels and such. Im sure hes not going to paint it so he can sell it some day...And nobody is going to say ITS NOT ORIGIONAL COLOR IM NOT GIVING YOU $3500 FOR YOUR MINT LOOKING SC... I say paint it whatevvvvvvvvvver color you want to...mine may getting a flat black b4 it comes back out to play...

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    I used to work in a body shop. When I did my 94 LX I stripped the car of all removable parts, then I did underhood, trunk, jams, roof and quarters all at once. Then I loaded all the parts into the booth sprayed one side of the parts, flipped em them sprayed the other side. I spent 7 days doing after work about 5 hours a day. It was a lot of work but doing it properly and spending the time and effort I was very happy with the work. 7 years later it still looks good. Our shop would have charged about 3500 for the work, I had about 500 in materials. This is a big undertaking if you are not familiar with doing paint work. Also like was stated before tempurature and humidity will change a pearl color drasticaly, so will air pressure and spray gun settings. If you don't have access to a spray booth(a spray booth can regulate tempurature and to an extent humidity) I would spray the jams and all underhood and trunk areas, then assemble and paint all body parts at once to help with color match. If you already have to repair some jams and are not happy with the color go ahead. Just remember pick your new color carefully as you will be stuck with it. Don't take other peaoples oppinioins on color choice as you will more than likely regret your choice if you do. I painted mine blue and kicked myself everyday after ward for not painting it the yellow that I wanted to. I listened to my wife and went blue and hated the choice. I wanted yellow with a cowl hood and chrome cobra r wheels. The biggest thing is to think it through very good before you go through with it. After it is done you will more than likely never want to do it again. Sorry so long. Just my 2 cents.

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