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I bought my T-Bird SC exactly a month ago and I haven't driven it yet... It'll be a real treat once she's all fixed up to be a daily driver
Replying to myself,
I had just turned 19 when I got my 1991 SC 5-speed with moonroof (Oxford White paint, Titanium Leather interior) back in 2012. Since Iíve bought this car, I went to community college. Then in May of 2015, when my 1991 was giving me many problems, I bought a 1990 SC 5-speed (Oxford White paint, Blue Cloth interior). This was my daily-ish driver for years. I got my Associates Degree in Business MGMT, transferred to Reinhardt University, got my BS in Business Admin and graduated in 2019. The 1991 blew its head-gaskets that summer and (with the help of my mechanic friend), got the head-gaskets changed. In the fall, I bought a 1993 SC 5-speed (Oxford White paint, Black Leather interior) that was presumed to have blown head gaskets. To my amazement, the head gaskets were fine... for about 10 months then they blew. I had the head gaskets replaced during the summer of this year and have put on over 1,000 miles since the change. Iím now 27 years old and still own 3 Oxford White SCs with 5-speeds.

Iím honestly considering putting a roll-cage in one next year and taking stunt-driving classes (you donít use your own car for the classes, btw). I was going to spruce one up to be as nice, clean, and show-worthy as possible, and the third would be a spare. I know I promised I would start filming Youtube videos this year, but I promise, as my New Yearís resolution to begin filming something in 2021. Things are shaping up, Iíve got over $1,000 worth of parts to install and Iíve thought long-and-hard about my story since my last update post. Hopefully I can deliver a quality video series prominently featuring a Supercoupe starting next year. Its a story that means a lot to me and that has been evolving since before I bought my first Supercoupe. Iíve grown a lot since then, even though Iím still in the 19-30 year old group. Hopefully all those years of frustration and hoarding MN12 parts will amount to something meaningful.

Thanks for reading
Happy New Year!