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Thread: Picked up a 1992 Supercoupe

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    Picked up a 1992 Supercoupe

    Hey SCCoA members.
    I picked up my first SC last thursday for 2000$ cash. It is in very good condition, doesn't really need any work other than an e-brake cable. (Me and my friend jacked it up on a hoist at his work and checked it all out)
    I am very pleased with my purchase and I really underestimated them. Hahah!
    It has 157xxx KM. (97xxx Miles)
    Fully loaded.

    I put my sound system in yesterday and it was a HASSLE!!!
    Deck RCA's and running 0 gauge through the non-existant grommet in the firewall. We ended up finding a gromet on the drivers side left foot.

    When I bought it, it had about an inch of dirt and the interior was really dirty.
    I washed and detailed it with my friend for about 6 hours.
    Pics below: (It rained last night... but the paint does still shine )

    Plans for the future:
    -2 inch drop
    -Fully tinted
    -18" chrome wheels
    -Rear bumper decal chrome "Thunderbird SC", Front windshield decal "Supercoupe SC" or "Thunderbird SC" or "Supercoupe" in chrome.

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    Good find. Low KM's and looks to be in decent shape inside and out. How does it run? Good luck with it. Good bunch of guys on here, tons of good info etc.


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    It runs very good.
    Just needs a tune up ASAP because it was sitting under a tree for 3 months before I bought it. The fuel filter was clogged so I replaced that already.
    It will probably need spark plugs + wires and a battery.

    Damn its fast. Haha.
    Its funny how older peoples facial expressions are like " fast car".
    Then kids my age (18-19) look at it like its a slow boat

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    Nice find!!!
    And welcome..
    Where in canada ya from eh
    [B][COLOR="Blue"][COLOR="Red"]June 6, 2009....D-Day[/COLOR][/COLOR][/B]
    [B][COLOR="Blue"]1989 SC AUTO- Midnight Blue:D[/COLOR][/B]
    "They act like they are bed buds that have known me forever" -Corey B-

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    wellcome body have a nice day!

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    I've had mine about a month now it has 217000 miles on the odometer on runs like a champ almost as stong as my 88 mustang gt. I've read that supercoupes run 12 psi of boost mine is more like 14 psi. Our future plans are damn near identical, your a smart man. Enjoy your supercoupe.

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