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Thread: Is this the correct book/video to RB trans, 94 SC?

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    Is this the correct book/video to RB trans, 94 SC?

    I bought an "ATSG" "Ford Trucks Techtran Manual" "E4OD" and "Ford AOD-E assembly/disassembly" SGVT 24" video, from a SCOAA member. It's supposed to be correct to OH the AT in my 1994 SC.

    Is this the correct one?

    My trans occassionally slips, in D and OD. I,m gonna change the fluid and filter, and add a quart of Lucas and see what happens.

    My trans has 340,000 miles. I have reciepts for fluid changes EVERY 30,0000, except, last change was approx. 70,000 ago, when a tranie shop replaced the 2nd gear accumlater. Fluid Still red.


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    AODE and 4R70W are the same transmission. So, the answer is Yes.

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