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Thread: SC Shootout 2009 - opportunity to participate....

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    SC Shootout 2009 - opportunity to participate....

    In the past we've had a lot of fun at the Shootout raffling off things of interest to the group. These things have included everything from a set of wheels last year from The Custom Wheel Shop to T-shirts, gift certificates, tools, car detailing supplies, and custom embroidered jackets.

    We want to extend the opportunity to people to donate items of interest (new items only please) for the raffle. By donating items to the raffle you will earn a spot on our soon to be featured "Friends of the SC Shootout" where we will extend thanks for your support. This is something new that we hope will be a lot of fun and will increase the community bonds that we Supercoupe owners share.

    Please email me at the link in my sig with any contributions you wish to make.

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    Email me here.

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    You have an email Dave.
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    David, I should be able to get a few items from the dealership here again to donate. Any specific Motorcraft stuff that would be good? Or maybe just an oil filter and oil for an SC again?

    Ed N.

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