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Thread: would u trade a modded 94gt for a 94-95 sc

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    yes.. keep the gt you decided not to mentioned has been WRECKED, with SIGNIFICANT damage to the unibody panels.

    i have two 95 5-speeds now so neyah.

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    I would probably without hesitation trade one of my sc's for a nice gt. Then put the sc back to stock..

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    Quote Originally Posted by sinhumane View Post
    , with SIGNIFICANT damage to the unibody panels.
    You know Tyler i have to reply to every comment you make

    but in all seriousness this is one thing people often say that really ignores me some times. I honestly do not know why.. But usually when people reference"Unibody panels" they are referring to frame damage. But in all reality that comment makes little sense;Because, in a unibody construction every component of the vehicle holds part of the structural integrity of the vehicle, so when you say significant damage to the unibody panels what do you mean because in literal terms you could mean any were from a Cracked windshield to a completely smashed Quarter panel with twist damage to the frame.......

    P.s Yes, I do realize that in most mondern Unibody constructions usually items such as chin spoilers, Spoilers, air dams and even bumper covers are not integrated in to the construction but they often are designed to support them self so they do not compromize the intergrity of the vehicle ethier and please ignore the fact this contradicts my entire first paragraph


    P.s X2 I love spell check really i do

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    you know what i meant dillhole

    the rear quarter behind the door, the door, all the plastic moulding around the top of the door, and the drivers fender would have to be replaced. not what i wanna mess with.

    of course, this is after picking up an sc where someone chickened out halfway through the headgasket job..... jsut a shortblock sitting in there with everything else in the trunk.

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    yes, Id do it

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