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Thread: Locking Lugs on 89 SC

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    Locking Lugs on 89 SC

    I've got a locking lug nut on each one of my tires on my 89SC. Now I dont have the lug nut key. Any idea on where to find one? Can't replace my cracked rim without one lol. Thanks

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    The wheel locks were provided by a company called McGard. If you have the original tire iron, it may have a tag on there with the wheel lock code for your car. (There are only so many different patterns.) Or maybe it is with your owner's manual. You can still order a replacement key from McGard if you have that. Now, if that fails, you might be able to order one by VIN number - but I don't recall.

    If all that fails (or you don't want to pay whatever the key costs), then you can either use a rounded wheel nut extractor tool, or hammer on a tight-fitting socket and wrench it off.
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    I went up to the local Ford dealer and one of the techs came out and removed them for me, free................
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    Try the Ford dealer if you can not find the original Mcgard I'd tag. If they don't have the key then knock them loose with an air chisel, which is very easy to do, by the way.

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