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Thread: carbon fiber seats

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    carbon fiber seats

    I think these thing would be sweet bolted in an sc. T-bird seat feels like it weighs 100 pounds.

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    Considering they cost as much as a used sc...not worth it

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    Sorry mr Shelby but seriously? Is he taking all tha money to the grave?

    I hate signature cars and signature items they are so.........Unecessary lol

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    Unnecessary 100%

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    $2400?? is there no aftermarket alternative??

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    Quote Originally Posted by ratfink View Post
    I think these thing would be sweet bolted in an sc. T-bird seat feels like it weighs 100 pounds.
    More like 55 pounds each. Those Shelby seats appear to be rebadged Cobra Misanos, and Mr. Shelby has only added $1,000 to the price for the privilege of having his name stitched on your seats.

    Hell, I paid less than this for my Recaro Cobra Rs. Quite a bit less.

    Edited to add: These won't save as much weight as you think. The carbon backing is just for decoration; it's tough to make a reclining seat light. My Recaros only shave 13 pounds per seat, and if you want true lightweight seats (under 25 pounds/each) you'll really need a fixed-back race seat.

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