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Thread: Driving through to Joliet, IL

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    Exclamation Driving through to Joliet, IL

    Hey guys, I'm sure someone here has seen my name, at least around the forums. I was promoted, which requires relocation and I'm relocating the Joliet/Romeoville, IL area and we (girlfriend) are making the drive out there in the famous "getblown" starting tonight at 0001hrs.

    I was wondering if there is anybody in the area of Joliet that wouldn't mind giving me a few pointers for the Chi-town area and the good vs. bad sections to look for apartments in.

    I'll be out there around 1200-1400hrs saturday, if your interested in getting a bite to eat somewhere we would be more than willing to meet up and do so.
    Thanks guys.

    Joe - 610-739-9026

    p.s. - I'm hoping I like the area. and my car is for sale for those who might be interested in taking a look.

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    avoid I-80 tomorrow, the population of joliet tomorrow will almost double the size due to the little roundy round NASCAR race that is at Chicagoland Speedway.

    joliet stay on the west side of joliet. larkin ave or so west is fine. north of 80 is good just dont go east of larkin its not all that great over there. ohh and ill be at the race so no can do on eats.

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    Sitting at the hotel now, going over the paper work for my apartment. I took out a remodeled single bedroom with a large walk in closet at "The woodlands at Crest Hill" in crest hill so the SC will have a new home starting the 28th when my first day starts out here.

    Alyssa and I are staying at some shady, shady ~~~ place called the Crest Hill Inn... its bad, but for $45 a night it could be worse.

    I'm looking foward to meeting you guys out here and getting to some gatherings.

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    Welcome to the area.

    Sunday we're having a short area Cruise.

    Look in the Illinois thread.


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