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Thread: Cars and Coffee Irvine 8.01

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    Cars and Coffee Irvine 8.01

    Now that I have my hearing back it is time to post some new pictures.

    I got to stand right next to the exhaust of the tank car when it was fired up. I got to hear the wonderful sounds out of an outrageous Nash Metropolitan. However, my favorite was the Ford Fiesta rally car which participated on the Pikes Peak Hill run and was participating at the X-games. I had to stick around for over an hour after pretty much every car was gone, but it was worth it to hear the screaming of a rally car as it passes right in front of you and races down a parking lot. Oh how I wish that we got to experience WRC in the U.S. Also, I got to chat with Tanner Foust and that one rally driver dude (Olsberg?) as well as the crew.

    The Fiesta as seen was running at the 400-HP setting it runs for regular Rallying. However, for the Pikes Peak run it was running over 800-HP and 50lbs of boost!

    Anyways, enough over my super excited rambling on to the pics:

    *As always feel free to share them with your favorite forums and visit the website for even more pictures*

    I have some detailed pictures of the Fiesta on the website.

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    Enjoy the rest of the gallery at


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