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Thread: The SCCoA Garage is OPEN!

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    The SCCoA Garage is OPEN!

    The SCCoA Garage is OPEN!

    We appreciate your patience - this has been a long time coming!

    This thread is going to be a running FAQ for using the garage. The garage is viewable by all registered users of the SCCoA; however, to add your car to the garage, you must be a dues paying member.

    Please feel free to ask questions about how the garage works in this thread. We'll work to compile the most common questions and answers into this top-level post, and may cleanup the thread as time goes on. Please try to keep this thread to questions so it doesn't get too filled up over time with discussions.

    Here's a few FAQs to get you started -

    Q) How do I add my car to the garage?
    A) First, you must be a dues paying member to have a garage for your cars. To become a member, please visit this page for more information ( Once you're setup as a member, adding your car is simple. When you enter the garage by click on the "Garage" link in the top-most menu of the SCCoA forums, you will see a sub header with various options. The first option is "Add Vehicle." Click this link and enter as much or as little information as you would like.

    Q) How do I edit my car(s)?
    A) Once you have cars in your garage, under the sub-header where you clicked "Add Vehicle", you'll see an additional header with all of your cars listed. Each car will have a drop-down menu with various options. Under this menu is where you can edit your vehicle, as well as add image, modifications, time slips, etc.

    Q) I added a time slip for my vehicle - but it's not showing up. Why not?
    A) Time slips and dyno runs are setup to require administrative approval. When entering your time slip and/or dyno information, it is a requirement of approval to add a photo of your time slip or dyno chart.

    Q) How do I add modifications to my car?
    A) The garage has a sophisticated system for modifications. Once your car is added to the garage, you need to click the car in the sub-header where your cars are located. You will see the option to "Add Modification." As we are just starting to use this system, the manufacturer and product list are going to be scarce. Please help us populate them by clicking on the "Not Listed?" link in the respective areas and add as much information as possible. These fields are also setup for administrative approval, so you will not immediately see your information entered.

    Q) How often are approvals handled?
    A) We try to keep up with the approvals as frequently as possible. Some days, we can turn approvals around within 24 hours. Other times, it will be a few days. Please be patient - we're making the site better for our members by doing this! We have already resolved a number of duplications in the lists, as well as spelling mistakes, etc. But this takes time. We appreciate your patience.
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