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Thread: What stuff weighs

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    What stuff weighs

    Over the last few years I've been waging a war against my car's portliness. I've shaved hundreds of pounds and using both 4-wheel scales and a more sensitive postal scale I've weighed just about everything I have that I've removed for some reason while working on the car. In the hopes that someone will find some of the information useful I've decided to post my findings here.

    Absolutely nothing on the list is conjecture or guessing; I have weighed every single part listed. Except for the few parts too heavy for my postal scale (ie a steel hood and assembled diff) all items have been weighed the same postal scale to eliminate variation between scales. The heavier items have all been weighed on the same pad of my 4-wheel scales.

    Note that if it isn't on this list I don't have the weight, so don't ask. If people want to expand this list with their own findings, all the better, though if your scales and my scales differ there will of course be conflicting information. All items, unless otherwise specified, were removed from a 95 SC. So in no particular order...

    Premium sound JBL speaker, each 3.10
    SN95 GT caliper w/bracket, no pads 7.80
    17x9 95 Cobra OEM wheel 22.40
    OEM 17x8 98 Cobra R wheel 22.00
    17x8 Voxx Misano wheel, painted 23.30
    98 Cobra 17x8 w/corded 255/45 A6 43.20
    95 Cobra 17x9w/new 275/40 A6 45.40
    10th anny Cobra w/new 255/45 F1GSD3 51.70
    LX Fan blade wheel w/225/60-15 yokohama 37.00
    94 SC wheel w/225/60-16 41.70
    Unused 275/40R17 Hoosier A6 23.60
    Stock rear diff cover 3.70
    Control Freak rear diff cover 7.90 LECB, pair 4.40
    Rear belt retractors, pair 5.30
    Rear belt receivers/middle belt, set 1.60
    Rear seat lower, cloth 12.60
    Rear seat back, cloth 20.00
    Bilstein coilover tube/collar 0.70
    QA1 coilover shock 5.00
    12-600 HAL 2.5 ID spring 6.20
    Stock driveshaft 21.20
    5-speed aluminum driveshaft (4-inch) 16.50
    Braille B14115 battery 11.40
    Braille B14115 mount 0.70
    Group 58 Battery 28.60
    SC stereo head w/wiring 3.70
    Stock battery tray 1.40
    Koni shock insert 4.50
    Keyless entry module 1.80
    Computer (suspension) 2.00
    ABS computer 1.70
    Factory amp/subwoofer 13.30
    Ford Racing wheel center cap 0.10
    Al IRS Chunk, bare w/bearings 17.70
    Cloth/leather front seat, full power 55.80
    Detroit Truetrac diff 22.30
    Ford Racing 3.27 pinion 7.20
    Ford Racing 3.27 ring gear 10.40
    JBL audio tray thingy 3.00
    Front Cobra rotor 18.90
    Cobra front rotor 1 turn 2 bolt patterns 18.70
    Stock 95 hood 59.00
    VFN hood 26.00
    Stock rear diff assembly 78.00
    MY new rear diff assembly 72.00
    Stock alternator 13.50
    Floor mats 5.20
    Raised SC top 3.00
    Upper SC tube 4.70
    Lower SC tube 5.60
    SC side skirt bottom piece (plastic) 3.00
    SC side skirt door piece (metal) 1.30
    SC side skirt rear piece (plastic) 1.30
    Hood strut 0.50
    Aluminum rear LCA, stock 15.25
    Aluminum A-arm spring perch (stock) 3.40
    Stock SC front spring 13.50
    Stock SC rear spring 11.90
    Eibach front spring 13.70
    Eibach rear spring 11.00
    Vogtland front spring 12.30
    Vogtland rear spring 10.00
    Suspension Techniques front spring 14.30
    Suspension Techniques rear spring 11.60
    Hyperco 10-600 spring 5.10
    Radiator Express rad 15.40
    eBay aluminum radiator 8.90
    Double IC w/fan & wiring 20.00
    Stock intercooler 9.10
    Urethane spring perch 1.00
    Radiator fan 8.50
    Foglight & bracket 1.50

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    Was the raised top the cast MP variety or a "homemade" version? I imagine the cast top would be the lighter of the two.
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    Definitely homemade.

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    Hmm, my postal scale says that the urethane isolator only weighs 8.2 ozs.

    Doh! I just realized that you're talking about the UHMW perches I made you....
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    I just found these the other day, there are lots of weights for different options near the end.
    I never thought about how much the moonroof adds, about 40lbs.
    Great information Will.

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    Definitely some dedication there... or ocd...

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    thats just to better exact a shipping price

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    Another good thread with weights can be found here:


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    Just to add some info. I weighed the front passenger seat (leather full 6way power) and the rear seat bottom (again leather) out of my 95 SC.

    Front full leather passenger seat= 57.5 pounds
    Rear seat bottom leather= 14.5 pounds.

    The digital scale I used reads in 1/2 pound increments.
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    ok here you go, how much does the mother in law weigh in the trunk?

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    My big fat but = 196 lbs. nekkid

    My big fat but = 205 lbs. not nekkid

    Not so much for the Tbird but when I went to the Jim Hall Kart Racing school in Ventura, CA it sure made a difference when racing against those young 14 year olds. Annoyed the crap out of me when they crowed how much better drivers they were.

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    Valve Covers

    From my '95, off to repaint....
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