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Thread: FS: 3.27 Traction Lock IRS Diff

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    FS: 3.27 Traction Lock IRS Diff

    Just removed diff from the 89SC. Low miles [less than 10K] on unit
    Unit was NEW from the Ford parts depot in 2006...first pics is the inside before first install...has had Mobil 1 75W-140 GL5 oil in it since day one was not raced....just a street driver. Reset gear backlash from stock .015 to .008 before install

    I have returned to the 2.73 gear setup .... at $3.25/gal for fuel, I have my 25 MPG once again...and 100 MPH cruising at 2590 RPM....

    This is the best ratio for a manual trans SC car if you are a street racer best time with this gear set was about 14.2

    You gotta pick it up in southern calif. if you are serious $400 or some 'reasonable' offer

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    Trying to imitate a 455 Olds with a Ford isn't easy, but it gives me a lot to think about.
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