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Thread: What is happening 2-27-10?

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    What is happening 2-27-10?

    What is going on with the site? Most of the posts from 2-26 are gone, and cannot access alot of the site.
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    I started a thread earlier and it was just gone suddenly

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    Yeah, I have seen the same thing until this morning. No car of month photo, just the bonehead1 comment. I also could not access any of the member pages, they just come up blank too. My posts and a couple of PM's from Friday are gone.

    As of now the car of the month page is back and so are the member pages. However the posts and PM's from Friday are not.
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    I really don't have details, but I believe there was a server issue in the last few days. The system was restored, but we may have lost a days worth of posts and other activities. Sorry, please recreate your posts and replies.

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