New to me 94-95 with coated rotors

(I was told recent rebuild) Newbie lesson like #10

Coating 30 to 40% gone. Was going to use on MPX.

Have read the post started by Ken back in 04

Great pictures and process but I don't have any of the equipment required

and I'm concerned I've purchased what amounts to a throw away.

Prior to disassembly checked pulley shaft. No movement left/right -up/down

Initial turning requires moderate effort then is smooth and mostly effortless.

Next checked coupler and cogs. Appear to be in perfect shape.

Flipped case over to remove final bolts and fluid leaked into case.

Logical assumption blown seal/s between rotors and case

Case does not take on fluid right side up

Sorry for long winded newbie question.

I have access to 2 more blowers that would still have to be stripped and

checked but are older uncoated.

Do I suck it up and rebuild/re purchase what is the newer product (ie better

tolerances for the mpx) or move on.

Tk in advance and play nice.