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Thread: 90 Super Coupe

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    thats really not that bad, I have seen horrible body kits on some, this one kinda leave the front end alone which saves it. And those are some wide rears on there, glad to hear you kept it and are loving it.

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    Everytime I see one of these they are beet to hell and falling apart and always have skinny rims on them..I guess over the years..

    Now I think you did a great job fixing it up. What it REALLY NEEDS is some modern rims. Maybe some CCW custom fit... Yah they cost allot but I think with the rite rim the car would look really sweet

    Ive just never seen them with a good rim
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    I love the filter. Its pimp. paper element and 10Mircron filtration, 12" long cause size matters.

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    Ya, everyone says i need new rims these are just the rims that came one the car and the back are 10" and fronts are 8" i am looking into new rims but trying to save some cash for it i wanted to make sure i liked the car before sinking money into it and i do... i am looking into getting a 5 or 10% overdrive pulley...if anyone has for sale...

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    Nice job on getting it back together.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Craig21 View Post
    i am looking into getting a 5 or 10% overdrive pulley...if anyone has for sale...
    Post for the parts your looking for in the 'want to buy' forum. You'll have much better luck. And be careful you don't mod too much of the intake side before you open up the exaust. Or you'll be headed for a head job to replace the blown head gaskets.
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    How about those chrome GT 5oo's

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    Ya i read about the exshaut needed to be opened up with 10% overdrive. The exshauts has already been done but it needed to be redone. The other thing is when i did the oil pan on this the engine has already been rebuild (only 140km on it) i have no idea what they did.

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    So this is what happens when a ~~~~ing deer decides to be a dick and what infront of me ! I was driving easy on a very back road after dropping my bro off for school... i was taking it easy because it just rained and i knew my tire although new didn't work very well in the rain. So i was coming up to a 90 degree turn and i geared down to second (about 30ish) and i was taking it easy just as i started to take off out of the turn (very torquey in second) a ~~~~ing deer came onto the road... So i swerved to avoid it and lost it a bit and for some stupid reason i hit the brake ... that was ~~~~ing dumb... and that was the end of that ... i am just glad i hit the pole and not the 10 foot ditch! So cops showed up and even tho there was no one around, wet road, and the deer he gave me a careless -_-...

    So it looks pretty bad but i am hoping i can get a new door... and some how fix the roof... I am thinking about just tearing it down and doing a complete job on it.. i have ~~~~ ~~~ luck ... worst of it all... i wasn't fooling around

    Btw I am not pissed it happened stuff happens the car can be fixed... i just need to fight this ticket down and i am glad i had no one with me and i wasn't hurt....

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    That sucks. Glad to hear you are OK though.

    As for your car, once the roof is hit like that, I think it is probably better to start off with a new roller and swap everything onto it.
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