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Thread: Lets hear the to do planned for this year......

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    Lets hear the to do planned for this year......

    I've compiled a list to do on my cars, and seems like its a never ending list. fixing one seem to get another one on the list. Some of them are little stuff. But I need to start working on the house and time is not on my side anymore. And certaintly money as my account is RED.

    So here is the list some is free * and some require money $.

    Black 90' Car
    Aligment $
    Chip Tune $
    Fix odometer gear * Done
    Turn Signal Switch * Done
    Reseal new rebuilt S/C, SC fluid passing thru *
    Battery holddown *
    New supercharger belt $
    Finish pinstripe install * Done
    Sunroof seal $

    Blue car
    Front tires $
    Aligment $
    Fuel delivery upgrade $
    Coolant bottle for Alky $
    Door Striker LH * Done
    Find oil leak $* Valve Cover Gasket
    Header V-clamp * Done
    Firewall boot *
    Radiator Fan $
    Starter Issues * Done

    Let me hear those list.
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    On the 1.7l AR SC: 415WHP and 12.2535 @112.18. Best TQ to date 516ft/lbs.
    1990 35th 5spd 2011 Carlisle 1st place class winner. 12.9@108MPH 1.9.
    2013 GT/CS 5.0L FRPP 2.3l Whipplecharged family weekend car.
    2011 Cadillac Escalade Hybrid LS 6.0l LZ1

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    mine needs

    figure out why it has a bad vib when over 65mph

    higher stall converter*(3200)
    and i wanna pick up a manual valve body..

    maybe get a dyno tune to make sure it all good. im not sure yet.

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    Ok, I'm game............

    Black '94

    Install Cowl hood, hood pins and get painted
    Buy new 3.73 gears for Mark 8 Aluminum diff and install
    Install Mark 8 LCA's
    Move battery to trunk, install NHRA legal battery box with push/pull disconnect
    Buy aluminum overflow tank for radiator and install
    Get ultimate tune from DD
    Replace drivers side window motor, still works but needs a little help sometimes
    Run 11's

    Opal Frost '94

    Buy and install front LCA's
    Fix whiney PS pump
    Find a deal on some new shocks
    Charge AC
    New tires...soon 255/45/17's
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    '90 SC AUTO - Bone Stock

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    my gold 89 sc

    body work
    cervinis ram air hood ordering soon
    clear corner lenses on the way
    CAI on the way
    snout seal, this weekend
    145 speedo with indiglo and chrome gauge bezel
    power steering components all brand new on the way
    resonator replacement, soon to be ordered
    spoiler soon
    new front end bushings soon
    amp install , been shipped
    install seats

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    White 89 5-Speed:
    - Install correct Goodyear GT+4's.
    - Try to remember to start it every month.
    - Check under car cover every once in awhile.
    - Leave sitting in shop another year.

    Red 90 Auto:
    - Drive it.
    - Wash as needed.
    - Repeat.
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    Titanium '90 5 speed:
    All this to be installed:
    Devil's Own Water/Meth injection kit (progressive controller is already in)
    WOT Box
    SCP catback
    5x4.5 conversion with 03 cobra rears and SN95 fronts
    03 Cobra front brakes w/ Powerstop D+S rotors all around
    WORK Emotion cr-kai wheels 18x9.5 offset +20 with 255/45/18s
    ST springs, 2" drop
    Tokico HP shocks
    new motor mounts (broke one in 10k miles )

    Plans for the summer:
    aerocatches on the hood
    QH + BE

    I have been hoarding parts all winter, time to finally put them on. Can't wait to see how the car looks when it's done.

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    90 Anniversary
    - Repaint wheels
    - Replace tires
    - Tint windows
    - Finish replacing any other small parts that need to be done
    - Find a good place to store next winter

    94 V8
    - Wash
    - Drive
    - Find a better place to store it next winter

    94 5spd
    - Maybe finally get it out of storage?


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    Break a tranny
    Lift a head
    Bend a rod
    Snap a CV
    And finish off a clutch


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    1) Give Dave a pile of money
    2) Cross fingers tightly
    3) Sit on ~~~ for another full year

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    '92 SC AOD
    • Install wide-band O2
    • Install O-meter
    • Install QH
    • Upgrade fuel system
    • relocate Snow injection nozzle (time permitting)
    • get tune
    • fix passenger power seat
    • Order rear drag wheels

    '95 SC 5spd
    • Drive at least once a month (put 100 mile on it Easter Sunday)
    • Install spare rear seat back
    • wash & wax

    '90 SC 35th Anny 5spd
    • Try to start monthly
    • keep covered and protected from my kids.
    • put back on lift when work is complete on 92.
    • Enter in one local all-Ford car show this season.
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    Kurt K (e-mail)
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    '92 SC AOD -- 11.521s @ 116.748mph, 2.0 AR power
    . . . . . . . . . -- 13.547s @ 101.01 mph, only w/ bolt-ons
    '95 SC 5spd -- All Stock, except 17" Simmons wheels.
    '90 SC 35th Anny 5spd -- 3rd owner, 16k miles
    2 '89 XR7 5spd's -- on their way out, really!

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    In the next few weeks....
    - Finish AR install
    - Finish Snow install
    - Finish FMIC install
    - Install QH
    - Install misc gauges and shift light

    For the rest of the summer
    - rebuild trac loc with Carbon Fiber Clutches
    - possibly briaded fuel lines

    then make an 11s pass......hopefully
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    Quote Originally Posted by neverfastenough View Post
    break a tranny
    lift a head
    bend a rod
    snap a cv
    and finish off a clutch


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    Quote Originally Posted by neverfastenough View Post
    Break a tranny
    Lift a head
    Bend a rod
    Snap a CV
    And finish off a clutch

    You sure 2 and 3 aren't alreay done.....
    SCCoA Member#: 2515
    1990 SC AOD 2.1L Kenne Bell
    11.676 @ 121.35 mph
    My Garage

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    Quote Originally Posted by rzimmerl View Post
    You sure 2 and 3 aren't alreay done.....
    Most likely, thats just my small list assuming my summer would be busy, if its an easy summer that list will be much larger.

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    Just drive the car, and get what I get.


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