I thought it may be useful to have a list of how far everyone is from some areas around the southeast when trying to plan events. Maybe we can see where some of the central locations are depending on the people likely to attend. If we had to pick one central location more than likely it would be Atlanta but we all want to have things closer to us sometimes and some events just happen in other areas.
I'm going to list my distances to some cities, as an example, I just picked some of the bigger cities in some areas as reference points, if you want to add a location go ahead.
I'll go through the individual posts and compile them in this first post, hopefully in a useful way.
If you don't feel like looking up all the distances post or send me your zip code and I'll do it.
I can do the list with user names, without names, or a mix of both if you guys want.
If nothing else this could be an easy reference for the people that submit info. If we're talking about a meet in Charlotte then I could just click over to this post and see how far I am from there.
So here is the example for my location using google maps:

Albany, IN(SC Shootout@Muncie Dragway) 363miles 6hr. 19min.
Atlanta, GA 209miles 3hr. 43min.
Bristol, TN 138miles 2hr. 23min.
Charlotte, NC 257miles 4hr. 32min.
Chattanooga, TN 107miles 1hr. 57min.
Columbia, SC 290miles 4hr. 56min.
Jacksonville, FL 554miles 9hr. 19min.

I put Jacksonville in there for a potential combined SE/FL meet someday.
Any input on how to make this useful is welcome.