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Thread: Scheduled weight reductions resume

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    lol so true, i just had to get a shield for my twilight blue 92 5spd, the price went up $50 from last year to this year

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    Quote Originally Posted by nickleman60 View Post
    Yeah, because of me pretty soon they'll be a rare item and the price will triple...................
    No kidding. You almost ginxed it
    Sorry for your luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by nickleman60 View Post
    $236.................Safelite Autoglass on Rosemont Rd., they're coming to the house. Same place I used last year when my hood flew up..............
    Glad I don't live where you guys do when I replaced the windshield on my 94SC. It was only $150.00 installed including the price of the glass.

    At least you can get it done very quickly, thats always a plus.

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