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Thread: "built" Teksid 4.6L short block

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    "built" Teksid 4.6L short block

    Not sure if this can go here or not... I know people do modular swaps so...

    I am just seeing if there is any interest in my motor. Aluminum Teksid block from a Mark VIII, cobra crank shaft, D.S.S. forged H-beams with ARP2000 bolts, D.S.S. Forged X pistons with X-groove. Mahle piston rings, Clevite bearings. the Heads are stock "B heads" with 1996 Cobra camshafts. The block has been decked and the heads have been machined as well. Compression is right around 8.7:1, everything was done my Horn Automotive in Marion, IA. this is stock bore/stroke, it took me a LONG time to find a perfect stock bore block but that is what I wanted so that is what I got.

    I also have a complete 1996 Cobra intake setup, IMRC deletes, Aeromotive fuel rails, 55lb Deka injectors, NGK plugs, Taylor plug wires, engine harness, valve covers, oil pan etc... pretty much a complete engine minus exhaust IIRC.

    piston/deck: -.005
    mains: .002
    rods: .0021
    Pistons: .0035
    crank end play: .004
    top piston rings 16
    2nd rings 18

    I have like $4000~ into it, looking to get $2800 for everything, $2500 for just the short block. The short block is all assembled the rest is parts I have gathered for the build and will be included.

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    Check your pms, im interested

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