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Thread: Maisto MN12 Thunderbird 1:18 Diecast

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    Quote Originally Posted by Micahdogg View Post
    They came from Japan. I had to wait two months for them. And they were only in 17's, but close enough. I never did get around to doing stripes on the hood.

    Here are a couple more shots. I really need to take new pics with a better camera.
    That's nice work, Micah. Back in 94 there was a company that produced the 94-95 style SC bumpers so people could update that Monogram/Revell kit. I remember the company was located in Carpinteria, CA, but I have no idea whether the company still exists or whether those parts are still available.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Micahdogg View Post
    That's it. It is junk. I lowered it, sprayed the windows black and drew flames with a sharpie or something. Then gave it to a friend who had a silver 95 LX. I think he threw it away.

    Here is one I did to look like my SC:

    I see you have the paint's on this replica but what about the tint's???

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    I spent a lot of time on the interior....couldn't bring myself to black out the windows. Just flat out never got around to putting stripes on the hood.

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    Brand Name of Original Model

    Quote Originally Posted by Micahdogg View Post

    Here are a couple more shots.
    I realize this thread is over nine years old... What manufacturer made the original car that you modified? Been trying to find this generation TB diecast- any scale, any color- probably for five or six years now. The graphic showing the undercarriage won't let me zoom in to see the brand name. Was it Greenlight like the hood?

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    A 89/90 XR7 model would be sweet!
    1990 XR7 and 1955 F250!

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    I got that much sitting here

    [QUOTE=OxmanW So the question is....does anyone have $200,000 (give or take) laying around to get this going?[/QUOTE]

    I got that much just sitting here, trouble is it is all in cars.. Just this last one would have been a great down Oh well at least I did have it but not any
    Too many cars,too little time to drive them. Anything less than 500 cubes is a small block. If you slow down in life you will get run over..

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