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Thread: 94 blower for performance parts

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    94 blower for performance parts

    got the same blower i have in the for sale section. no leaks or noises, all the coating is there, comes with plenum, no pulley.

    will trade for any of these:

    - 60lb injectors
    - double or front mount IC
    - meth injection kit
    - 15% OD kit (plus 100 cash)
    - 255lph pump (plus 200 cash)
    - good mocha seat skins
    - or a local rebuilt/low mile m5r2 trans of any year.

    the intercooler is what i'd trade for foremost. pm me with any offers you might have however, will consider about anything.

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    bump... could definitely use that double IC.

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    Um, why don't you put it back for me since you owe me parts/money from like 1 year ago. I'll take this over what you already owe me.
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    Thats just wrong!


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    duane. i looked over my paypal history, i do still owe you thirty dollars, its being sent now. i apologize for that, i thought we had already taken care of it months ago.

    the blower is pending sale. i know i goofed in the past with letting my schedule get infront of something as simple as uninstalling and boxing up parts to ship, but thats just the way it happened. once i get back to the parts car, i'll pull the abs module and bring it with me along with the IC tubes when i come up to kc again. hell, i'll even bring you a sixer of your favorite brew as a show of good faith. is that fair enough?

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