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Thread: Go to war?

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    Go don't go. I don't know. I'm glad I don't have to decide. I do know that the whole word is turning into one big ***** sandwich and every one has to take a bite. Everyone! I don't have to go this time. Shore duty is wonderful thing. I did my time with 4 deployments to the gulf. My first of them for the gulf war and the latest in response to 9/11. I do know one thing, the people that pay the price are the service members and there families. So, If you want to go to war or not, pray for those that are there to pay with their blood. That's my 2 cent. Thanks for asking I feel better now.

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    Go to war?

    Thanks for serving. Unforntually it seems that every geraeation sees or serves in a war. Half the guys I went to high school with never saw twenty. Tim

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    no deal with the economy first ,lets get working.many people are out of work, since 911 our economy is a joke, north america is falling apart, the euro is now the money to trade with . bush is going to bankrupp us all ,lets wake up.

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    I respectivley say thanks but no thanks

    at least not in my name or the name of my Country

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    After we were attacked on 9-11 I have to say I had the blood lust and wanted payback in the worst way. However, now its hard for me in good conscience to say we should keep large numbers of people deployed to wage war when fighting and killing are among the last things I would want to do. Also listening to body count on a daily basis is pretty horrific, nauseating stuff. Rather, at this point I'd like to see us pour our time and money into intelligence gathering coordinating CIA, FBI, NSA and the military into more integrated govt. body, increase our ability to locate and effectively respond to more specific targets of opportunity, tighten up our borders, homeland security etc.

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