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Thread: 351W help

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    351W help

    Looking for the specs on a 1989 351W 2BBL from a Police car.
    I am using it in my IMCA Dirt Hobby Stock car I am building for next year!

    Been told it was a Police Interceptor, told the only difference was a different Cam and the External Oil cooler.

    I am looking for the Compression Ratio, Head CC, HP and anything else you can help with. I picked up a set of GT40 Heads for it but I need the stock spec stuff.

    Another piece of info I am looking for is What is the LARGEST OEM ford 2BBL made? What was it on? I am finding alot of 1.08 venturi carbs but I am finding those are like 350cfm or something like that.


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    I would have thought the 89s had fuel injection instead or at least a 4 bbl carb if it was police interceptor. The dirt track racing sounds like fun. good luck with it.

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    This may not be the answer you are looking for but it would seem that you are going to have to research this yourself.

    What you want to get off the engine are the casting numbers from the heads and block. That by itself should help you find the basic info that you are looking for.

    More than likely the compression ratio is the same as all the other 351w's produced that year since most car manufacturer's did not go to much out of their way to when they installed their interceptor packages. Most of them just install heavy duty cooling, stiffer suspension, and dual exhaust. Otherwise they were pretty much the same as the non official land yacht's that they sold to "commoners."

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