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Thread: white lithium grease to lubricate sunroof tracks?

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    white lithium grease to lubricate sunroof tracks?

    It's been a great few days here in the mid atlantic . Got to spend some time with the cars. I'm working on the sunroof for the chemeleon and I just wanted to verify that I can use white lithium grease to lube up the tracks and moving parts in the sunroof. Is there something better? Input greatly appreciated.


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    Any thoughts on just a silicone spray.

    Was wondering if the grease will accumulate more debris and end up with a clean and reapply cycle.

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    there are several products that we use on BMW sunroof frames, slides and such. most are made by Wurth but those are hard to get.

    the one i like the best is from napa called Sylglide. its not sticky like silicone and doesnt run like spray lubes. its just right.

    it comes in a tube that resembles a toothpaste tube. just call napa and ask for that

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