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Thread: WTB SC in/around Iowa

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    WTB SC in/around Iowa

    Im looking to get my first taste of american muscle. I own 2 hondas and frankly im getting bored of the FWD. I wanna be able to lift the nose in first then break her loose in 2nd and nail it in third. sounds kinds ignorant but i want power. my dream is a thunderbird with either a 351 cleavland or windsor.

    Im very young to be wanting something like this, or so ive been told, but i want to build a 88-94 thunderbird.

    I'd like to find a 5sp sport coupe or super coupe, rust free. clean inside and out. i have tolerances on condition.

    anywhere under 5k.

    pm or email me at

    thank you

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    Here to help a fellow Iowan out. I found a couple on craigslist. After looking at some of these I was kind of mad that none of these were up for sale 3 months ago when I was looking for a sc!

    95 sc with 113k on it for $3200. Some mods auto

    94 sc with 110k on it for $2000. Needs a little work, auto

    94 sc with 75k on it for $3900. Auto

    Heres one I know you are gonna love! Thank me later!

    Those are just a few. Go to its a craigslist filter and shows multiple towns at once. Im sure you can find more with some more time looking.

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