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Thread: How to: 4r70w swap

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    Quote Originally Posted by 92bird View Post
    I don't remember.. Find the one that came out of the '04 trans, and match it up with the box of spare trans parts you got with the car. It should look the same but might be a different color.
    okay, will do.... txs

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    Quote Originally Posted by rzimmerl View Post

    What would it take for an ~'03 4R70W to be beefed up to handle 450rwhp and 450rwtq behind an AR car? I found quite a few trans local from $175 for a 155k 2002, $350 for a 45k 2003, and up to $600, all are 01-03 V6 Mustangs.
    Sorry I missed this post but basically not much, I suggest an extra direct clutch, a high carbon overdrive band and the sonnax pin on the overdrive and definately use the spiral retainer on the intermediate. The valvebody I suggest a better pressure regulator and/or the line pressure booster kit.

    Quote Originally Posted by David Neibert View Post
    I would probably be switching to 4.10 gears and an Auburn Pro diff at the same time. With that stuff and higher stall lockable converter with the computer doing the shifting and controlling converter locking/unlocking...I could probably run 2 or 3 tenths quicker on the track and have a more street freindly set up than I've got now.

    This sounds like a fun project, Going to a controller or manual valvebody?

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