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Thread: Anyone every come up with a solution for our crappy 89-93 console doors?

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    Anyone every come up with a solution for our crappy 89-93 console doors?

    The factory 89-93 center console doors totally suck in our cars, with the plastic "support" breaking all the time. Has anyone ever found a solution short of trying to find another console door that might last a couple more years before the plastic support starts to disintegrate?? Anyone found a possible replacement console from another type car or fabricated a replacement door?

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    I wasn't aware there was a problem with the console doors. My 92 doesn't have that problem, but I do see how it wouldn't take much abuse to cause a problem.
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    i'm on my third one...tried epoxy to support the holes...the holes on the lid where the hinge attaches is where it craps out

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    are you talking about the large center console lid. the one your arm rests on.

    mine isnt broke in my 1992 either.

    alot of people will put the weight of there bodys on the center console to help "slide" into the seat or adjust them selves into the seat. that usually breaks them no matter what make of car.

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    i know mine has stripped out screw holes but wasnt broke i just had to use some bigger screws..

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    I think the plastic gets stressed out from when the top is completely opened and could get bumped with an elbow....

    I've never had this problem on any of my SCs, but I've seen plenty of them in the yards...

    Anyway, it's an easy fix....

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