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Thread: 5spd flywheel bolts

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    Will send over pic.

    89 SC Original clutch and tranny. Only torqued by factory and removed.


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    Quote Originally Posted by rlittlep View Post
    Yep, I'm a believer.

    rlittlep, I see you haven't completed your 5 speed swap so now might be the time to double check the bolts.

    Just checked the bolts..You DID sell me auto's. I checked the pics then the bolts and you can see that only about 4-5 threads were holding the flywheel on. Guess I NEED to get the correct ones by spring.....
    Happy to see they weren't installed yet!

    Will be making a trip out to the parts depot (shed) tonight and I'll double check my bolt\nut collection for the right ones.

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