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Thread: 1990 Ford Thunderbird SC SuperCoupe 35th Anniversary 2 cars

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    1990 Ford Thunderbird SC SuperCoupe 35th Anniversary 2 cars

    Two 1990 Ford Thunderbird SC (SuperCoupe) 35th Anniversary cars for sale.

    Both cars are 5 speed cars.

    The first car listed is the car that I have been using as a daily driver for the past two and a half years. I'll call that car "Car #1"
    The second car is NOT running and is mostly complete. I'll call that car "Car #2"

    Below I will describe each in detail:

    Car #1

    This car was purchased in North County San Diego CA and spent its whole life here. I am the second owner. I acquired it from the first owner (my father-in-law) who purchased it new from Meister Ford of Poway (North County San Diego). The original owner used it as his primary vehicle from 1990 to 2000. He commuted to work each day for a 10 mile round trip. It was garaged at night but sat out in a parking lot during the day while he was at work. He regularly maintained the vehicle at Heller Ford and the local oil change service stores of which I have a few of the receipts. In 2000, he parked it in his garage and purchased an Excursion. There it sat until I started using it full time in 2003. I used it for a company car from 2003 to 2005. I drove around the county of San Diego on company business. I moved away so it was parked and covered until 2008. Returning to San Diego in 2008, I received ownership of the vehicle and used it as a daily driver (my commute to work is a 3 mile round trip). I now have a newer Ford that I use as a daily driver so I don't have room for the SuperCoupes anymore. I estimate that this car has 125,000 miles on it. The odometer stopped in 2003 at 96,146. So the odometer reading does NOT reflect the actual miles on the car.

    Car #1 is original and was never modified or repainted. It is accident-free; it does however have scratches, parking lot dings and sun faded paint. Black and gray leather seats are in good condition.Options are keyless entry, side lights, sun roof and retractable antenna. I replaced the driver side window regulator motor and the serpentine belt in 2008. In 2010, I replaced the ignition switch when the brakes and turn signals would not power up. Now the brakes and the turn signal lights work fine. I even have most of gift package: car cover (bag is in fair shape with a tear in the seam and the cover has a small tear in the seam by the passenger mirror; it also has sap on it), most of the suede kit, 2 sets of car mats (one set is brand new and never used), 3 anniversary keys (a set that has never been cut) and key chain.

    Car#1 is rust-free from what I can tell except for the edge of the trunk (see pictures). The air conditioner does not blow cold air. I have never had it tested so I do not know why it won't get cold. The sun roof will leak if you put a ton of water on it or if you take the car through a car wash. The radio powers up but will not play music. The antenna does work. The ABS light shines red on the dash. Heller Ford says the brake module located under the package tray needs to be replaced. I was going to take this part from Car #2. The car handles nicely and has more power than my low mileage 1999 Mustang 3.8. Occasionally, I add oil to the car between oil changes which, according to Heller Ford is typical of Fords after 100,000 miles. Once in a blue moon, it doesn't want to snyc into first gear (I put it in second at a stop and start to roll then and it syncs to first). The tires are bald and need to be replaced but are still road worthy. At 80 mph, I hear and feel strong vibrations coming from the back and front. I think this is either the bald tires or a bad u-joint in the drive shaft. I have not investigated this. The vibrations start at 35 and get progressively worse. The dash pad is cracked and ugly. Car#2 has a perfect dash pad.

    Overall, this car is a beast. It runs great. Starts up on the first crank and is fun to drive. It has just passed smog. I hold the clean title and it is registered CA until May 2011.


    I purchased Car#2 from a Navy sailor in March 2010 who was stationed in San Diego. He drove the car from Nebraska. He loved the car as it was his first car but the engine gave out after being here a few months. This car does not have keyless entry or a retractable antenna or side lights and the lower front lights are missing. He says that the motor was revving at 3500 rpms so he turned it off. He pulled off the supercharger (which is now in the trunk) to dig into it a bit. He then lost interest in the car after he bought a Subaru WRX. The Nebraska tags expired and the City of San Diego told him to get it off the street. He didn't have room to store it. I purchased it knowing the I could use the parts. He told me that the driver door and fender have been replaced. The car does not run and is partially disassembled and will need to be towed. Tires are bald. Car is solid. It is complete except for a good battery and an ignition switch. I pulled out the Master Clyinder thinking that car #1 needed one but I was mistaken. Car#1 only needed an ignition switch. I swapped out the seats and weather stripping since this car had less sun damage. The driver window is out of the car. I have never driven this car and I bought it as a non-running car. I registered it in CA under Non-op status and I hold the clean title. It has 170,344 actual miles as listed on the title.

    I'd like to get $1500 for both cars or best offer. Thank you!

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    if you lived closer i would be all over this like white on rice!! but good luck with the sale.

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    I have to say, a very good, thorough video. Nice job.
    1994 white sc (Daily Driver)
    14 year sc owner
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    do you still have the 35th edition car? that car is a 5 speed correct?



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    Yes they still for sale

    Yes they are still for sale.

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    Are these still up for sale?

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    still for sale?

    Just checking if these are still for sale? Thanks

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