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Thread: 42lb lucas injectors

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    42lb lucas injectors

    Need a set of 42lb Lucas injectors for my son's car. Does anyone have an extra set laying around? Have cash/paypal.

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    42lbs injectors

    i have a brand new set of bosch 42lbs injector , with purple c&l sample tube for sale. they are flow match to 1% each other, from deatschwerks. paid $220.00 for injector plus $35.00 for sample tube. take $200.00.

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    Good price on those , I too have a new set of 42s , but wanting 250 for them shipped and that to me was a good deal , so better jump on a 200 dollar deal for sure . I paid even more than that when i bought them new and they still are new , never did use them on my SC . maybe someday if they dont sell . DW

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