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Thread: WOW 1967 Ford Thunderbird 54k original miles

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    Talking WOW 1967 Ford Thunderbird 54k original miles

    This here is a 1967 Ford Thunderbird Two
    door hard top. Exterior is in great
    condition all original and interior is
    excellent condition and also is
    original. The vehicle has original miles
    and the car runs and drives like if it
    was still 1967. The vehicle has been
    well maintained and has a lot of work
    done and I have most of the reciept. Has
    a new Carburetor that was recently
    installed and repaired gas tank
    sender,all hose radiator was done ,
    sensa trac shock was put in for a
    smoother ride, the radiator was
    rebuilt,and a lot of other reciepts and
    stuff was done which pass over 2500
    dollars . The car is all original with
    matching numbers. If you have any
    question please contact me to 813-802-
    3658 asking 6900$ obo or just post any questions here .

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    WOW, that thing is a gorgeous classic. Much luck with the sale. Shouldn't be too hard considering the price and condition!!

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    As the header to this section states: "MN12 Cars Only". Just sayin'...

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    Quote Originally Posted by txsc View Post
    As the header to this section states: "MN12 Cars Only". Just sayin'...
    I agree, but MAN if that T-Bird really is as nice as it looks in the pictures, and runs/drives as good as it looks, and is completely rust-free, I would trade my
    '93 SC for it!!

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    anybody know where i can sell this car at

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    You might try the Vintage Thunderbird Club.
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